About Yamanashi

Welcome to Yamanashi.

A paradise of sun, water and greenery, friendly and welcoming to mind and body.

Yamanashi awaits to appeal to your sense of taste 365 days a year, offering brewery tours, exploration of history, culture, delicacies, and jewelry.

Yamanashi is Japan’s number one location because of:
●Mt. Fuji – World Heritage Site
●Home of pure clear water and air
●Shipments of mineral water
●Delicious rice
●Production shipments of peaches and grapes
●Technical skills and shipments of jewelry
●Production and shipments of wine
●Hours of sunshine

Yamanashi is a treasure-trove of history, culture and the natural environment.  A paradise of learning, play and fun.

History, culture and industry in Yamanashi

Shingen Takeda – a military commander from Kai Province (Yamanashi Prefecture).  Kai Province cannot be talked about without mentioning him.


In front of the south exit of JR Kofu Station, the main gateway to Yamanashi, you will be greeted by the “statue of Shingen Takeda.” It would be no exaggeration to say that Kai Province or Yamanashi Prefecture owes everything but its natural environment to Shingen Takeda. In Kofu City alone, there is a tour route that starts from Takeda Shrine (Takeda Residence), which was home to three generations of the Takeda family. Shingen Takeda’s armor and sword (important cultural asset) are displayed in the shrine.


shingen_img04Kentokusan Erinji Temple in Kofu City was Shingen Takeda’s family temple, where his tomb is located. The temple also displays his “Furinkazan” “Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain” samurai warrior banner, which has become famous from the novel and TV drama about him. In Nirasaki City and Hokuto City at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, the place of origin of the Takeda family, the ruins of Shinpu Castle and the tomb of Kansuke Yamamoto, you can take a tour of the same route taken by the Takeda family, while visiting actual historic sites and make contact with history. It is fun to learn the history this way. You can enjoy the tour of the history more, if you study the history in advance.


Yamanashi Prefecture is the center of Japan’s largest jewelry industry.  Yamanashi’s techniques and brands have gained global recognition.

Yamanashi’s history of jewelry-making started when it was a crystal producing center. Now Yamanashi is a famous jewelry production center with high jewelry polishing techniques, accounting for as much as one-third of the total jewelry shipment value in Japan. Many jewelry related companies as well as jewelry appraisal organizations are located here, engaged in a positive and productive rivalry to improve their techniques. This relentless pursuit of quality has made jewelry in Yamanashi unique in individuality and charm.

jewelry_img04 jewelry_img03-s

Traditional crafts in Yamanashi Prefecture in an unbroken chain of knowledge.

12 items of local traditional crafts in Yamanashi Prefecture: Koshu crystal carvings, Koshu inden (deerskin crafts), Koshu Amahata inkstones, Koshu Oishi pongee, Koshu hand-carved seals, Koshu samurai warrior banners and carp streamers, Nishijima handmade Japanese paper, parent and child daruma dolls, Koshu ridge-end tiles, Ichikawa-Daimon handmade Japanese paper, Yamanashi jewelry, and Fuji Katsuyama bamboo crafts. All have been nurtured by the natural features and livelihood of the people of Yamanashi and passed down from generation to generation.

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Hot spring areas in Yamanashi

Yamanashi is a hot spring paradise. You can find hot springs around the entire prefecture.

area_map_enYamanashi is surrounded by national and quasi-national parks on all sides. There are many superior quality hot spring facilities with splendid views in each of the areas, blessed with a rich natural environment. Yamanashi is truly a hot spring paradise.





A place that transmits the art, culture and history of Yamanashi

The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art is known for its “Millet Museum.”


When it comes to “Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art,” the “Millet” is well-known. In the newly established Millet Exhibition Rooms, you can take your time and appreciate the Millet and Barbizon school collections.

Next door to the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art is the “Yamanashi Prefectural Bungakukan.” This museum displays materials, letters, and other artifacts, of writers who were connected with Yamanashi and of those who contributed to Japanese literature.



In the “Yamanashi Prefectural Museum” you can learn the history of the relationship between nature and the people of Yamanashi, and learn about the distinct occupations in Yamanashi and its connection with Mt. Fuji.

The “Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Archaeology” displays artifacts excavated from old burial mounds in Yamanashi, including Fudoki-no-Oka.


Fruit in Yamanashi is delicious, blessed with the bountiful gifts of nature and the long hours of sunshine in Japan.

Food Festival in Fruit Kingdom Yamanashi

Fruit sold in fruit shops is always beautiful and delicious, but if once you experience “fruit picking” and eat fruit picked directly from the trees of Yamanashi, the taste will captivate your senses. Freshly picked fruit tastes so out-of-this-world – a masterpiece of deliciousness. Different kinds of fruit, such as grapes, peaches, cherries, strawberries, and blueberries appear one after another at different times and in different areas. Why not pick some sweet and sour fresh fruits. There are also other fruits such as “La France pears” from Fujikawa-cho, “Yuzu” from Minami-Alps City, and “plums.”

Yamanashi is a fruit kingdom both in name and in reality. It has all the conditions favorable for fruit cultivation. In the basin surrounded by mountains on four sides, the hours of sunshine are long, the amount of rainfall is small, and there is an abundance of exquisite waters.

When it comes to grapes, Yamanashi has the largest number of wineries and the largest shipping volume of wine in Japan.

Gifts from nature – Delicious sake produced in Yamanashi –

Exquisite waters that flow through forests from deep in mountains 2,000 ~ 3,000 m above sea level, extreme climate changes with hot summers and cold winters, and well-drained soil. Thanks to the favorable climate and an artisan spirit of brewers and distillers, local sake, Japanese sake, shochu, beer, whiskey and wine are on parade in Yamanashi.

Surrounded on four sides by national and quasi-national parks, including Mt. Fuji, Minami-Alps, Mt. Kaikomagatake, Mt. Yatsugatake, Chichibu Mountains, Misaka Mountains, and much more, Yamanashi Prefecture is blessed with a vast natural environment.

Using exquisite waters that come from those well-known mountains, many famous sake brands have been born.

High-quality sake in Yamanashi – made possible because of its rich natural environment, the wisdom of ancestors and techniques – are all part of Japanese culture. All have been passed down from generation to generation.



* Data courtesy of:  Official Travel Guide Yamanashi, Yamanashi Tourism Organization (Public Interest Incorporated Association)