Brewery in Yatsugatake Kogen, brewing Japanese sake and pure rice shochu


Founded in 1865. This brewery brews sake and authentic pure rice shochu, using underground waters from the southern foot of Mt. Yatsugatake.

The brand name “Takenoi” is a combination of “TAKE” from the founder’s name “BUZAEMON SHIMIZU” (“BU” is also pronounced “TAKE”) and “I” from “IDO” (a Japanese word meaning “well” which produces high quality water).

The owner of the brewery himself supervises sake brewing, with two apprentices supporting him who studied sake brewing at Tokyo University of Agriculture, in an effort to produce the most satisfactory sake favored by true connoisseurs.




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Takenoi Shuzo Co., Ltd.
President: SHIMIZU Motoaki
Address: 1450 Minowa, Takane-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture 408-0012
TEL:+81-551-47-2277 FAX:+81-551-47-2278

■Open: 9:00 ~ 17:00
■Closed: Sundays and national holidays