Association Overview

Organization name:Yamanashi Sake and Shochu Makers Association
Address:4-15-5 Kokubo, Kofu-city, Yamanashi Prefectuer 400-0043
Establishment:November 18, 1969
Representative:Hyogo Kitahara, Representative Director
Number of member companies:12 companies
Holidays:Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays, Summer and New Year holidays


To make Yamanashi Sake visible, available & desirable and provide all generations with the opportunity to experience serenity


To encourage quality of life and enable serenity to form by providing the best of Yamanashi in sharable & easy-to-experience doses.

Values statement

Quality of life:We promote & export Yamanashi quality of living
Innovation:We believe that change is an opportunity not a threat
Collaboration:We support passionate local producers who strive to offer the finest products

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