Japanese Sake
Geographical Indication (GI)

Japanese sake geographical indication (GI) is a sign used on products
that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are related to that origin.
Once designated by the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency as geographical indication "GI", the place of origin can be exclusively named.
It will also clarify the characteristics of the products, thus preventing "free-riding" on local brands and protecting the brand value, as well as requesting foreign countries to control counterfeit products using Geographical Indications.
Currently, GI designations for alcoholic beverages, including "Japanese sake," are increasing in Japan.
Following wine, Yamanashi is the first prefecture in Japan to receive Geographical Indication designation for two alcoholic beverages in the same prefecture.

2020 Frontier Grants
(Date of acquisition: 2.25.2022)

Geographical Indication of
"Yamanashi" (GI Yamanashi)

Yamanashi prefecture was certified as a Japanese Sake Geographical Indication (GI) in April of 2021.
Only sake that meets strict standards such as "using water collected from
one of the 6 water source systems of the foot of the Southern Alps, the Yatsugatake mountains, the Chichibu mountains, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Fuji / Misaka,
and the northern foot of Misaka as a brewing water" can be called Yamanashi-products.
This provides sake consumers with peace of mind and the guarantee to purchase high-quality & delicious Yamanashi sake.
Thanks to its rich environment, Yamanashi is currently the only prefecture to include water system specifications as a criterium in its GI mark.
In addition to the GI label, the registered trademark "Yamanashi Sake" mark can also be displayed on sake made from rice harvested only in Yamanashi Prefecture and without added alcohol.
This is the first time in Japan that such a "two-level" geographical indication has been created.
Through the certification of Japanese Sake Geographical Indication, the Yamanashi Sake and Shochu Makers Association will strive to differentiate Yamanashi's sake from other alcoholic beverages and production areas, and ensure the quality of breweries, while enhancing its brand power.

GI Yamanashi
Logomark Design

The Yamanashi Sake and Shochu Makers Association has created a logo to indicate the certification of Japanese Sake Geographical Indication (GI) "Yamanashi".
The logo represents a place of healing blessed with magnificent nature, which is based on the motif of the pride of Yamanashi, Mt. Fuji, and high-quality, abundant water.
The view from Misaka Pass and Tenka Chaya, known for being a splendid view spot of Mt. Fuji, was depicted with a touch of Japanese traditional art, Ukiyo-e, and a strong monotone color, and is presented in a circular form that resembles a seal.
GI Yamanashi certified sake bottles are all marked with this logo.

GI Yamanashi
Certified Japanese Sake

Discover Japanese Sake Geographical Indication (GI) "Yamanashi" certified sake. Presenting a unique selection of Japanese sake from Yamanashi prefecture.

GI Yamanashi Flight Set

Japanese Sake Geographical Indication (GI) "Yamanashi" certified sake in ready-to-drink format.
This flight set is a perfect gift for those who want to compare the taste of sake from different rich and high-quality water sources in Yamanashi.