Yamanashi sake tasting map

Local Sake Breweries
in Yamanashi

In order to help people who are looking for authentic local sake find the perfect product, we have collected the stories and specialties of sake breweries in Yamanashi Prefecture. We introduce the characteristics of each brewery that has inherited a long tradition, and the thoughts of the brewers behind the sake.

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Tanizakura Shuzo
Hokuto City’s Tanizakura Sake Brewery is located at the southern foot of Yatsugatake Mountains and brews sake using subterranean water from a spring. Their dry sake is made using traditional brewing methods and goes particularly well with food.
Takenoi Shuzo
The Takenoi Sake Brewery in Hokuto City is owned and managed by two brothers and produces both sake and shochu. The sake made with flour yeast and subsoil water from the Yatsugatake Mountains is characterized by its gorgeous aroma and crisp taste.
Yamaki Shuzoten
The Yamaki Sake Brewery in Hokuto City brews “Kai Otokoyama” using subterranean water from Yatsugatake Mountains. Using traditional techniques they developed a full-bodied umami flavor Sake that can be enjoyed both hot and cold.
Fukutokucho Shurui Nirasaki Factory
Fukutokucho-Shurui Nirasaki-Factory
Fukutokucho Brewery is located at the bottom of Mount Kayagatake in Nirasaki city and is well known for brewing mainly Junmai sake. Their brewing process incorporates advanced fermentation techniques and is characterized by a soft and crisp taste on the palate.
Yamanashi Meijo
Yamanashi Meijo is a sake brewery that has been brewing “Shichiken” since the Edo period using subterranean water from Mount Kaikomagatake. Aiming to brew sake that embodies the famous Hakushu water, the brewery has established its own brewing method and its sake is characterized by its soft and smooth taste.
Yokouchi Shuzoten
Yokouchi Sake Brewery brews “Sakaki Masamune” using subsoil water from Mount Kushigata. Since it was founded the brewery continues to follow traditional sake brewing methods and the resulting sake is dry with a concentrated umami flavor from the rice.
Taikan Shuzo
Taikan sake brewery is a sake brewery that brews sake using subterranean water from the Southern Alps Mountains. Brewed with locally grown rice and traditional techniques, their dry sake brings out the flavor of the rice and enhances the taste of food when served with it.
Yorozuya Jozoten
The Yorozuya Brewery in Fujikawa-cho is the brewery of “Shunnoten”, brewed with subterranean water from Mount Kushigata. The brewery is known for featuring poet Akiko Yosano as the godmother of their sake. Made from pure rice it has a mild roundness and can be enjoyed at different temperatures.
SAN Foods
The SAN Foods is a shochu brewery that uses high-quality brewing water from the Southern Alps Mountains. It is characterized by a crisp taste that maximizes the flavor of raw materials like the potato used as the chore ingredient.
Yoro Shuzo
Yoro sake brewery, located in Yamanashi City, brews sake using subsoil water fed by the Chichibu Mountains. Their unpasteurized sake is produced using traditional processes of steaming in traditional Japanese pots and the Fune pressing method which provides it with a refreshing rice flavor.
Sasaichi Shuzo
Sasaichi Sake Brewery makes sake using subterranean water from Mount Fuji. The brewery continues to follow traditional techniques to produce a sake that reveals the benefits of the water when combined with the umami of the rice.
Ide Jyozoten
Ide Brewery is the sake brewery that brews sake with subsoil water from sacred mountain Mount Fuji. The sake brewed in this cool region undergoes gentle fermentation, resulting in an aromatic and smooth texture.